Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot, you’re right. Positive thinking coupled with decisive action is what Fine Lines Fitness is all about. Our motto is “Faster, Fitter, Stronger.” No matter what age or gender you are, or what your current fitness level is, Fine Lines Fitness can help you to increase your fitness level, achieve your goals and live a healthier life. From the person who has never exercised to the competive athlete, we strive to help you reach your dreams.

Athletic Training

Monica really became an important, even critical part of my athletic training. Whether it was core work or strength training or my personal favorite, boxing, I always had a blast and received an excellent, extremely beneficial workout.

On varsity soccer I became a starter and played the whole game every game at defense. I found that I could run faster for long and that I had become very difficult to push off the ball. I owe much of this success to Monica and her training. This training and her guidance has also greatly increased my confidence in the gym and allows me to be able to work out various areas of my body in a number of ways. I know I can walk into any gym anywhere and be able to have a good work out.

– Jackie M

Training with Monica allowed me to develop quickness, speed and strength. I came into Monicas training with the goal of becoming bigger,faster and stronger and she aimed every workout in direction of my goal. Every exercise that Monica trained me through had some correlation or relativity athletics, especially mine in particular, lacrosse. She has specific techniques that would greatly improve me on the field. Monica pushed me hard in every workout and pushed me to become a better athlete as well as accomplish my goals and it has helped me today playing lacrosse at a division 1 level.

– Taylor R

I trained with Monica for about 2 years and she truly helped me not only get more fit and fast but she helped me strengthen my muscles. After having back surgery in 8th grade, my muscles surrounding my spine had fatigued and caused me pain. Through weekly workouts, Monica helped me learn the proper form to strengthen my back so that my posture improved and the pain slowly disappeared. Not only did she help strengthen my back and aid in my recovery, Monica helped me train for Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse during my off seasons so that my speed and overall fitness level improved. Even while I was away at Boston College, Monica kept in touch with me, giving me workouts and advice through email and training during some holiday breaks. Not only does she push you, but she's 100 % supportive and is always there to help.

– Laura G

In September of my junior year at Saint John the Baptist HS, I suffered an mcl injury playing soccer. I never thought I would get back to my top performance level or get scouted by quality schools. Monica trained me and helped me regain my competitive edge by improving my power, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Her intense workouts made my recovery and rehab quicker and I was back on the field in a short amount of time. Thanks to Monica's excellent training I was able to reach my full athletic potential by excelling in school ball and on my premier club team. I earned a variety of awards and ultimately a full tuition scholarship to Molloy College.

– Sarah B

Training with Monica has really helped me achieve many of my athletic goals in preperation for college. I have improved my speed, quickness, durability and strength, all while gaining a greater knowledge about how to keep my body fit and healthly while I play basketball at St. John Fisher College. I know that these intense workouts have helped me become a better player and have prepared me for NCAA competition.

– Peter S

General Fitness Training

I have been training with Monica for 5 years now. She always keeps it interesting and fun, no matter how much i whine. She is constantly continuing her education with seminars and classes to keep up with new techniques and safe and healthy ways to train. She has kept me in shape and keeps me coming back for more. Above all she has become a friend, so it makes it that much easier to do that last push up. Who needs Jillian and Bob or the Biggest Loser when you have Monica?

– Millicent C

FLF Boot Camp rocks! I have lost 35 lbs and my cholesterol is down.

– Kelly C

Having Monica as my trainer has opened up a whole new world for me, or re-opened an old world I should say. Once a very active teenager, somewhere along the line I lost the desire to be physically fit; I found more joy in a Lifetime Original Movie and a bag of Doritos than in an afternoon at the gym. Now, after working with Monica, I have rediscovered the joy of feeling good about my body and myself. Monica has been there for me through every step of my journey and she has made me truly love coming to the gym and working out. Over the past six months I went from squeezing myself into my "fat" pants to not even fitting in my "skinny" pants any more, and any woman knows that's the achievement of a lifetime.

– Alise S

I started training with Monica about 5 years ago when we started playing soccer together. Our workouts consisted of cardio and strength training. Every time I came in for a workout Monica always had something new to throw in. She is extremely motivating even when you are exhausted and you think you can't do anymore, believe me, she will make you.

I owe a lot to Monica. Because of her workouts and motivational speeches I have now become Police Officer with the New York City Police Department. I still love working out with Monica on my days off and I still play soccer with her. She always amazes me she just never seems to get tired.

– Michelle D

When I work out with Monica, I feel as though I get so much more for my money than just the 60 minutes I spend with her. I benefit from Monica's vast knowledge of fitness and general health--and often come away with tips for healthier living!

– Barbara D

I've been training with Monica for 10 years now and she still manages to keep it fresh and challenging. Her commitment to her clients shows in her regular attendance at conferences and seminars to learn the latest in fitness health. Although there are days when I just don't feel like moving, working out with Mon leaves me feeling energized and refreshed (and maybe a little sore). I feel and look better now than I did in my 20s!

– Dawn H

I have been training with Monica about 8 years now. Though I don’t consider myself an athlete, I never thought I would gain the strength and coordination that I have learned from her. Monica has been with me through thick or thin (pardon the pun) and I’m sure I wouldn’t be in the shape I am without her! She has inspired me enough that my new goal is to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 50 at the end of the year! I could go on and on, but the real truth of it all is that you have given me the tools to actually get and keep myself in good shape for the years to come.

– Debrah N

Monica has been training me for over 10 years. When I reached 55 and began to “spread in the wrong places” I thought it was time for serious action. Now, I’m eternally grateful to her for the shape I’m in at age 65. Her workouts are always well planned out, varied and cover all the right places at one time or another. She is continuously going to seminars, studying on the latest techniques and introducing the newest equipment. In my eyes, she is the best.

Monica’s note: Beverly not only continues to work full time and spend time running around with her 4 grandchildren, she recently put up a fence around her yard, yes, by herself!

– Beverly J

I have trained with Monica for 5 years. I cannot say enough about what a great job Monica does. Her dedication, training and genuine enthusiasm for her profession shows in all that she does. Monica knows how to maximize my workout so that I get the most out of the time that I do have. She has helped me strengthen muscles so that I can avoid injury, learn how to choose healthy foods and work off stress rather than succumb to it. She keeps me on the soccer field without injury. I don’t know what I’d do without her

Monica’s note: Carolyn has been my soccer teammate for several years now. Instead of slowing down just last year she joined a SECOND team!

– Carolyn S