Just Don't Do It

We can all avoid the "Santa spread"  the "Hanukkah heavy" and the "New Year's Nine" this year if we JUST DON'T DO IT!  This is the time of year we engage in some precarious practices which will turn in to the ghost of Christmas past and plague us throughout 2011 if we are not careful.

Don't - SKIP your workouts. 
We tend to make everything but ourselves our priority at this time of year.  Research shows that even if we tend to over indulge a bit through the holidays, weight gain is avoidable when we remain active. 

Don't - STARVE yourself.
Another thing we tend to do is skip meals in preparation for  holiday parties.  Parties we are throwing or are invited to.  When we skip meals, or enter a "mini-starvation" period, we slow our metabolism down.  This in turn causes more calories to be stored as fat when we do eat, and less to be burned off.  And of course in these situations, when we are starving, we tend to overeat anything and everything in front of us!

Cocktails flow at holiday time.  Cut down on the alcohol calories by having a wine spritzer instead of wine or a diet soda before and after a cocktail.

Don't SKIP breakfast. 
Even if you overeat the night before you MUST have a healthy breakfast. Otherwise you are only slowing your metabolism down further.

Don't PUT on 5 to 7 pounds this Holiday Season!
Many Americans will  explode  and the four simple tips above will keep those extra pounds from haunting you all year!    And this gives us a head start for superior fitness in 2011!