Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot, you’re right. Positive thinking coupled with decisive action is what Fine Lines Fitness is all about. Our motto is “Faster, Fitter, Stronger.” No matter what age or gender you are, or what your current fitness level is, Fine Lines Fitness can help you to increase your fitness level, achieve your goals and live a healthier life. From the person who has never exercised to the competive athlete, we strive to help you reach your dreams.

One On One Training

Individual Training (1:1) allows you to schedule your work out at your convenience, at our “home” or yours. A personally designed workout will be developed for you, every time you work out.

Partner Training

Partner Training (2:1): is also offered at your convenience. 2:1 training allows two individuals to work out simultaneously with their trainer. 2:1 training can be fun and exciting, as well as giving each participant an additional person to be accountable to.

Group Training

Training in groups of 3 (minimum) to 4 (maximum): This style of training tends to be quite a lot of fun and lends a bit of a competitive atmosphere to the work out, as well as a great deal of camaraderie. Each workout is designed to meet the fitness needs of each individual in the group.

Team Training

Going beyond sports skills, team training keeps your team in competition shape throughout the year. Agility, muscular speed and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and recovery, injury prevention and “pre-hab” are among the focus of team training. We will travel to your court or field, at your convenience.

Corporate Training

Stuck in your office and/or at your desk all day? We can help! We will come to you and offer fitness programs in small group or team training designs.

General Fitness

Research shows that the majority of people seeking personal training have goals of “weight loss” and muscular “toning.” Fine Lines Fitness can help you achieve these goals. With general fitness training you will experience improved cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength and endurance, agility, flexibility and balance. Regardless of fitness level, body type, weight and/or age, we can help you succeed.

Ultimate Athletic Conditioning

Whether you are preparing for a high school sport, vying for a college scholarship, a weekend warrior or a “master” (formerly “senior!”) athlete Fine Lines can help you become “Fitter, faster and stronger.” We emphasize cardiovascular endurance, speed and recovery, muscular endurance and strength, agility, core strength and balance.

Weight Loss Program

If your goal is strictly weight loss, general fitness training will absolutely help you achieve your objective. With weight loss training your program will be designed specifically towards the target of reducing body fat while retaining lean mass. As you reach each pre-determined short term goal Fine Lines will assist you in reassessing your long term objectives.

Nutritional Guidance

Once we know your caloric requirements for the day, Fine Lines will assist with basic nutritional guidance for weight loss, maintenance or gain. We will walk you through adding lean mass and reducing body fat. For clients in need of specialized nutrition we will refer you to one of our neighboring certified Nutritionists.

Running Development

If you’ve never run and would love to learn, if you want to run your first 5k or improve your running time, Fine Lines can help. The secret to becoming faster is to become stronger. With the proper training routine we’ll help you accomplish your goal and diminish your chance of injury.

Wedding and Prom Boot Camp

Training for that special day? Increasing your fitness level will let you LOVE how you look in that dress OR tux! Plan to begin at least 12 weeks prior to your wedding or prom.

Healthy Back/Injury Prevention

While not all muscular skeletal problems can be avoided and/or corrected, Fine Lines can go a long way in pre-hab AND re-hab. Don’t let nagging back pain or common problems (i.e. arthritis, Spinal or Cervical Stenosis, meniscus problems) keep you from having a fit and active life.

Metabolism Testing

Wondering whether your metabolism is sluggish or not? Or, how many calories to eat daily for weight loss, maintenance or weight gain? At Fine Lines we can test your metabolism with a quick test (15 minutes) that is 97% accurate.